Weekly Bulletin No.1

Good Evening Lovelies!

So I have decided that I’m going to do a weekly bulletin describing all of my activities and what is going on in the life of Siobhan each week.  I did originally start off by doing a Sunday Post, but unfortunately that just didn’t work out for me…because of the nature of my jobs I just didn’t always have free time on a Sunday to do a post.  By doing a weekly bulletin post this leaves me open to do it on any day of the week that I have free time.  So here goes my first one…

  • First of all the photo featured in this bulletin is from Sunday evening.  This was me ready for working at the Sheffield o2 Academy just before I went to work the Enter Shikari gig (THE sweatiest gig I have EVER worked!!!)
  • I have had a bit of an up and down week.  Monday consisted of me mainly crying and laughing at good memories (I honestly must have seemed like a crazy person to my mom and sister!).  This is the first time I’ve been back in Sheffield properly since my best friend died three years ago, which I’ve been struggling to deal with.  Because we spent so much time together there are literally reminders of him everywhere, from my bedroom, my living room, his house (I’m still extremely close to his mom) and then even stupid things like the walk to the tram stop.  At the same time though they’re good memories, some of the best times of my life, and I honestly feel like I am the luckiest person in the world that he chose me as his best friend and he has left me with such wonderful memories.
  • Enough of the sentimental stuff now, I had an interview at the Body Shop in Crystal Peaks shopping centre today, which couldn’t have gone any better!  I was signed up for a trial shift for 1st November on the spot, as the interviewer said to me she didn’t want anybody else to snap me up in the mean time.  I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that I get this job…I would love to work for the Body Shop!
  • I’ve been trying to put it off for a while, but I cannot any longer.  On Friday it’s time to get my nails done again…they are literally cracking now!!!  This needs sorting immediately!
  • Having a DVD day with Chloe tomorrow.  I do love our chill out days at her house.  This will mainly involve us watching DVD’s, eating the Halloween limited edition French Fancie cake, and me knitting my new scarf (this one is for me!)
  • I’m really excited for Sunday!  I’m going down to London with my Dad because my cousin and his friend are flying all the way from Chicago for 24 hours (yes you read that right!) to come see the Chicago Bears game at Wembley!  I haven’t seen him since I went to Chicago in 2009 so I’m so excited…even if I do only get to see him for a few hours!  I shall take photos of the occasion and post on here.
  • I’m also waiting on some things in the post.  I’ve finally signed up for one of the many beauty boxes that are so popular in the beauty blogging world at the moment.  I’ve also bought the new Kleenex beauty range as it was half price on the Superdrug website and with free shipping…bargain!  There will be posts on these once the products arrive and I have tried and tested.
  • Last, but certainly not least…I have recently become quite the crafting queen, and have so far learnt to knit!  If you have looked at my blog recently you will have seen the post on the awesome scarf I made for my friend for when she returns to the freezing cold conditions of the UK after spending almost a year in her own little paradise on the Maldives!  If you have already seen it you can view my post here.

So that is my week in bullet points so far…although as you can tell I’ve not been up to much.  I’ve only really told you what I’m going to be up to…I have quite a lot planned over the next few weeks though so hopefully my weekly bulletins will be much more exciting in upcoming weeks!

Much Love

Siobhan Emma x

My First Scarf

 Hello Lovelies! 

I thought I would share with you my first attempt at knitting…and I have to say I’m so proud of what I’ve made to say I’ve never done it before! 

This is a scarf I made for my friend on her return to the UK.  After living in the Maldives for almost a year I imagine she is going to be pretty cold when she returns, so I thought this would be the perfect present to keep her warm!  I even made the two pom poms that are attached to the scarf from scratch…they were to hide a little mistake I made, but hey!  One mistake on my first attempt isn’t bad at all!

 I got the pattern and the idea from Jazz Domino Hlly’s craft book, which is also featured in the photo.  It’s an amazing craft book for people who are just starting out as she explains everything really simply and the photos and instructions are really easy to follow.  There is so much to choose from in there too, knitting is just my first step.  She has literally everything from knitting, to quilting, baking, making your own lip gloss and bath bombs, and even stuff like how to flower arrange and make your own kitchen garden.  You’ll certainly never be short for ideas! 

As soon as I get another job I’m going to buy myself some baking equipment and back some of her recipes, and I’ve also been bought a sewing machine for Christmas by my Gran.  I just have to wait until it is brought up to Sheffield for me then I’m going to attempt some patchwork and quilting. 

If you’re interested in Jazz Domino Holly’s book 'Queen of Crafts', you can purchase it here

Happy Crafting! 

Siobhan Emma x

Amazing Admin Team Make the Front Page!


So above is a photo of AP Security’s news letter…and as you can see, the amazing team admin are right there on the front page! (second photo down) I just wanted to share this photo with everyone because I was so excited when I opened the news letter and saw the cartoon version of me there…I literally squealed!!! 

This makes me so excited for festival season next year…bring on summer 2012! 

Siobhan Emma x

Zalando - A Website Review

I recently came across Zalando as I saw it was being advertised more on fellow beauty bloggers sites as well as seeing it on other websites I regularly shop on, and after Amy Jayne who works for Zalando got in touch with me I decided to give the service a go.  Here are my thoughts on my experience with Zalando… 

The first thing I noticed about the Zalando website was the huge amount of choice you have.  Even though it is known mainly as a shoe store, there is literally everything else in between, from clothing, accessories to make up and beauty products.  I was spoilt for choice! 

There was a great deal to choose from in each category too, and I like the fact that there is something for everybody.  There are cheaper products for people who may not have a huge amount of disposable income; then there are more expensive products for people who want to indulge.  All the products look to be of high quality though, no matter what price they are. 

The only feedback I would give to Zalando for improvement is maybe having a little more detail on the descriptions of their products.  When making purchases I bought a mascara, eye brow pencil and eye liner, and although the eye brow pencil and eyeliner were exactly as I expected, when I opened the mascara it was clear, yet I was under the impression it was black.  I have included the link to the eyeliner I purchased, but unfortunately I have been unable to locate the links to the other two products.  However I will include these at a later date if I succeed in locating them.

As I said though that is the only minor issue I had.  My products were delivered fast and efficiently, and were well packaged to ensure they arrived on my doorstep in perfect condition.  I was sent notification emails to keep me up to date with where my purchase was in the delivery process, which is always good to put my mind at ease. 

Overall Rating: 8/10 - As mentioned above, apart from the slight issue with my mascara this was an excellent service that I will definitely be using for some of my makeup and beauty purchases again. 

Siobhan Emma x

All products, photos and opinions are bought and belong to the publisher unless otherwise stated

Here are the photos from my week away.  The first two are of my Gran’s dog Fudge, who is adorable, and the rest are of Ilfracombe…my little piece of heaven on earth…

The Wanderer Returns…

Hello Lovelies! 

First of all I owe a massive apology…I have not posted anything in so so long!  I have just literally been that busy! 

Since my last post I started working at the Sheffield Academy, started working at Lush, worked 13 days straight, went to visit my Gran in Ilfracombe who I hadn’t seen for 4 years, came back, worked at the Academy the same evening until 3.00am, worked at Lush the following day at 9.00am, quit Lush (Long story), worked the Academy again that evening…which brings me to this point… 

Basically all that happened with Lush is that they went me to act in a way and deal with people in a way that wasn’t me and that I wasn’t comfortable with, even though my style was working perfectly well and I was selling the products…and a lot of them too!  However that didn’t seem to be good enough for them, and it was getting to the point where I was getting so stressed out on my way to work trying to memorise everything we’re supposed to and I was leaving every day feeling rubbish because no matter what I was doing to try and improve myself it didn’t feel good enough.  I wasn’t going to let something like that get me down when I know I can get another job so I made my excuses and will not be returning… 

Now lets talk about nicer things…my trip to Ilfracombe!!!  As soon as I was back there it felt wonderful!  I missed that place so so much!  Ilfracombe is like my little piece of heaven on earth.  I will post my Ilfracombe photos as a separate photo post. 

It was a really relaxed holiday…just what I needed, and I learnt how to knit whilst I was away!  So I am currently in the process of knitting my friend a scarf for her return to the UK.  After living and working in the Maldives for the year I think she’s going to be feeling pretty cold!  I’ll post a photo of it on here when I finish it, and it’s ok because she’s not on here so it won’t spoil her surprise.

Being away really gave me some thinking space too, and really helped me think about what I want for my future…at least for the next couple of years anyway! 

I decided that after summer season next year I would like to do a ski season for the winter in 2012, and then return to do another summer with AP Security…that’s as far as I got, which takes me to Autumn 2013… 

However now I’ve quit Lush I need to fill the gap in between now and summer season next year.  I have applied for a job at Boots, and will be applying for a job at Argos (glamorous I know!), but I really want to do something spontaneous!  I’ve signed up to an Au Pair website today, and may sign up to a couple more tomorrow.  I’d quite like to go live with a host family for a month or 2 and earn a bit of money that way.  See another part of the world and experience another culture.  We shall see though.  It might not work out, but the option is most certainly there… 

Anyway tomorrow I shall be writing my first beauty post in forever!  So look out for that…it is going to be a review on the website Zalando. 

Much Love! 

Siobhan Emma x

Oxfam Fashion Intern Opportunity
I wanted to bring this fab opportunity to the attention of you lovely beauty bloggers who are interested in getting involved in the fashion industry, especially those of you based in or near Huddersfield…

Clothing Intern (Huddersfield)


Oxfam, New Street, Huddersfield


 2-3 full days for 3 months


To work with the Shop Manager to help boost sales of our donated clothing through sorting, pricing and merchandising.

Key responsibilities:

  • Sorting through donations.
  • Pricing
  • Merchandising
  • Developing strategy plan for boosting donated sales.

Skills and competencies:

  • Preferably retail work.
  • Interest in fashion.

What this role can offer the volunteer:

  • Experience in retail.
  • Experience in developing strategy plans.
  • Previous volunteers have used this role in conjunction with university assignments, i.e. writing articles on re-cycled fashion.


Adrian Hughes / Nick Caygill
34 New Street
01484 423262

Application process:

Please complete and send the internship application form (62KB doc) to the address above.

Application deadline:


Interview date:


Start date:


I think this is an amazing opportunity for anybody who wants to get there foot in the door of the fashion industry.  This is not a paid position, but it will only go in your advantage showing you are willing to work for free…

I have applied for this position as I myself would like to get into the fashion and beauty industry, and I would like something to challenge me through the winter month until the festival season is in full force again!

Good luck to anybody who applies!

Siobhan Emma x

My Love for St Ives Facial Scrubs

As you can see I’m quite the St Ives Facial Scrub fan!  At the moment I own ‘Timeless Skin’, ‘Fresh Skin’ and ‘Naturally Clear’.

A lot of people have asked me why on earth I own three different ones when they are convinced that they all do exactly the same…but I this not to be true from using all three of these products.  First of all there is a difference in the grain of each of these products, for example the grain used in ‘Timeless Skin’ is much gentler than ‘Fresh Skin’.

Then there is what each product does for my skin…

I use ‘Timeless Skin’ once or twice a week.  Now I know I’m only 24 and not quite getting to the wrinkly stage quite yet.  However I’m a firm believer in that prevention is better than the cure, and use this alongside my Q10 Plus Eye Cream (I will be doing a review on this in the not too distant future).  I’m quite lucky in that a look young for my age and is something that seems to run within my family.  There’s no harm in giving my skin a helping hand though!

When my skin is looking a bit tired I use ‘Fresh Skin’ to help wake it up and give it that bit of a boost.  Because I have more than one job, I can sometimes work a club night until the early hours of the morning, and then be up a few hours later to work a day shift.  This is when ‘Fresh Skin’ comes in handy.  Even if mentally and physically I’m exhausted, at least my skin looks wide awake!

I use ‘Naturally Clear’ when I have a bit of a break out.  Because I don’t have much of a routine in my life due to my shift times being all over the place which can be exhausting, I sometimes don’t look after my skin as well as I should (I know…naughty!).  So when my skin breaks out because of this, I use this product for a few days and it helps to ease the break out and my skin looks tonnes better.

So as you can see all three products have there separate uses to me and are all fantastic!  I hope this post helps some of you lovely ladies…St Ives really is a fantastic brand.  I highly recommend it to anybody!

Siobhan Emma x

All products, photos and opinions are bought and belong to the publisher unless otherwise stated


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I don’t usually reblog stuff like this…but this is quite possibly one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen!

I don’t usually reblog stuff like this…but this is quite possibly one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen!

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